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Pet name generator on the way!

Update: The Pet-o-licious Namerator is now here!

I’ve been playing too much WoW since I finished school and now I’m feeling a little burnt out. So it’s time to take a step back for a while and focus on other things. Namely, the pet name generator that I’ve been talking about.

The Flash itself is all done, considering that all I really had to do was to copy and paste from the PANDA name generator 🙂 The biggest part will be getting all the names and putting them into categories. I have two different ideas for this:

  1. A silly and a serious category for each pet family. It may be hard to come up with names for certain categories (nether rays anyone?) and this would also result in a total of 46 categories. However, this would make deciding a name much easier for the visitor and is similar to the way PANDA is set up.
  2. Categories based on the name’s background. Some of the categories would be Chinese names, Japanese names, Aztec names, Greek names, fantasy names, and silly names. This way would probably be easier for me and there would be less categories but I’m not sure if this is what people want.

So…I leave the decision up to you, the people who visit my site! Through this handy little poll below, you can vote as to which one you like. Or if you have a better idea, choose the “Something Else!” option and post your idea in the comments. Comments and questions are also welcome.

Vote away!

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