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WTS “like new” guild

First, some back story. I was playing Tkasha in Undercity when I received a whisper asking if I would sign a new guild charter. Tkasha is not in a guild and I don’t plan on her being in one, but I decided to be nice and sign it for him. I assumed he was just asking people, not expecting them to stay so I could /gquit later if I wanted to. He’s in Orgrimmar so I tell him I’ll catch the first zeppelin back. I get there, sign the charter, and he walks off without so much as a thank you. Eh…oh well, I’m not too put off by it. A couple minutes later, the guild is formed. I swear the guild is five minutes old when it all starts…

So it seems that my assumption was incorrect. The GM, seen here as “P”, thought that if he invited random strangers into a guild, we’d start being buddies immediately…or something. I responded to him only because I felt bad that no one else was talking to him. I did not however feel sorry enough for him to give him 10g, even though Wolfrider had given Tkasha a good bit of gold. I’d also like to point out that “P” was level 62 at this time. If you cannot farm 10g at level 62, something is very very wrong.

Two minutes later, this happens…

Heh…I guess I shouldn’t have opened my mouth. I did wonder exactly what was going through his mind; did he really believe everyone was suddenly going to become Best Friends Forever? I didn’t mean for everyone to get kicked out though >.>

I brush the whole thing off and continue on my own merry way for a whole two minutes.

I guess I wasn’t that much of a jerk. Still, I really should just ignore him and go on my merry way. But curse my bleeding heart…

Obviously he’s just using me as a test subject. Whatever, I don’t really care either way. But then the funniest thing happens and of course I somehow missed screenshotting it. He makes me the guild leader which automatically kicks him out of the guild. I honestly didn’t do it. I couldn’t be that mean to someone. I don’t know how but it happened. Seeing the mistake, I offer to give the guild back.

…Well then. I guess that solves that issue. As it stands, Tkasha is the GM and sole member of Broken Bones. I decide to have a little fun with this unexpected turn of events. I set the guild information to say “I’m so lonely, so very lonely, I have nobody to call my own…” and the daily message to “Hunter Bonzai!” While fooling around with the ranks, I proclaimed myself “Empress” of Broken Bones and gave the other ranks names such as “Male Concubine”, “Jester”, “Food Tester”, and “Foot Stool”. Ah, the fun you can have when you’re by yourself.

So…is there anyone on Staghelm that wants to be Tkasha’s Male Concubine guildie?