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I think I’m getting carpal tunnel

So the word about the Pet-o-holics Namerator is out thanks to WoW Insider and Mania’s Arcania, which spread to many many other sites. Now, I was expecting some interest in it..but not this much interest! Over 4000 views in one day AND there were over 200 name submissions waiting for me in my mail box! One person even submitted names 38 times! Does everyone have a hunter or something?

However, I wanted to say a big thanks to the hunter community for your love and support of this project. My wrists may be hurting a little from entering all those names (and I’m not even half done) but it really makes me feel good to see that I’m not the only one obsessed with pet names. Some of them are very imaginative and funny. I now have it in my head that I’m going to tame the ugliest scariest beast and name him Sparkles or SimpleSensations, just so I can giggle about it every time I log in. Keep the names rolling in and thank you all again!

An aside: One day people will remember that it’s PetOholics, not PetAholics, and that I am a female, not a male. >.>