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Quick notes

…before I fall sleep at the computer (I swear I was wide awake when I got here).

  1. I decided to try out the Twitter thing for my random WoW thoughts and to let everyone know I’m still breathing. It’s located at the bottom of the left menu. We’ll see how long it lasts 🙂
  2. 140 characters is NOT enough for me to put down my thoughts. Are you listening, Twitter?
  3. If you’ve been following The Troll Hunter, you should know that he is very much alive, just hasn’t gotten around to updating his blog. I know because A) I’ve been playing with him and B) I helped him move his blog and even ported his theme over for him. Maybe if I tell everyone this, it will light a fire under his behind and he’ll get posting.
  4. Big news coming very soon. May or may not include my progress on the pet name generator *shifty eyes*
  5. I get really silly when I’m tired. Like right now…I’m going to admit to talking out loud to my hunters’ pets as I play, doing stuff like promising them their favorite food if they do a good job. Am I the only one?

That is all. Now back to your regular scheduled programming. *plays muzak in the background*