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The moment hunters have been waiting for…

You have all waited very patiently for this, I know you have. So before everyone explodes from being pent-up, I proudly give you…drum roll please…

The Pet-o-licious Namerator!

You may be wondering why only 2 names appear at a time when PANDA has 10 at once. The reason? I have discovered that I’m good at thinking of serious pet names…not so good at silly ones. As a result, the silly categories for every pet name are sorely needing to be filled. Some of them only have 2 names listed in those categories. So I turn to you, my readers, once again to help me by sending in any silly pet names you can think of. Use the form below the Namerator to send them in to me. Remember that pet names can fall under more than one category so I’ve made the form able for you to choose multiple categories if it is appropriate. Once the categories have more names, I will make it so that more names appear when you press the Generate button.

I would also like to credit Fizzwidget, one of my favourite mod authors, for giving me the inspiration behind the name. It may not be as witty or inventive as some of his, but I tried. 🙂

Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions about the Pet-o-licious Namerator on this post. I always welcome everyone’s feedback. 🙂