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I’m flying! And I’m skilled!

Technically Niqora was flying before, but now she’s flying in style! If you check my Twitter account, she got her flying mount way back on August 14…but that’s beside the point. 🙂 From the moment that Niqo got her normal flyer and was trying in vain to keep up with Azjin, I was determined to get the epic as fast as I could. I did SSO dailies almost every day and didn’t spend her gold on anything. I was at 4000g when I had a sudden stroke of luck and an enchanting recipe dropped for me…one that Auctioneer said was worth 1500g! I ended up selling it within 10 minutes for 1000g, which I didn’t mind because I’m not greedy. The buyer, a level 70 decked out in the latest raiding gear, didn’t even blink an eye at the price. So I then had 5000g which went to buy the riding skill, and Azjin lent me the remaining 200g for the mount itself (I paid him back the next day with the money I got from my dailies). Following all of this were gleeful cries of “Wheeeeeeee!” as I spent half an hour flying all over Nagrand. It was expensive but boy was it worth it! I love it and would never give it up! Here are some screenshots I took of my first epic flight trip as well as random ones that I just felt like snapping:

Now, after I bought the epic flyer, the next thing on my mental to-do list was to get all of Niqora’s skills maxed out. Skinning had been maxed out for a looooong time, and fishing and cooking didn’t take that long because I was fishing lots of food for Grakoth and cooking it as well. My first aid I have to say was sorely neglected, having sat at about 145 for the longest time. One night I decided to get it up and spent the evening buying cloth off the AH and flying back and forth to Hammerfall with the doctor guy is, the one that teaches you about 4 different bandages. It wasn’t hard to do but it was a little boring. However, I am glad that I did it, the bandages have come in handy lately I’ve found. The last skill was of course…leatherworking. Just a few hours ago, I finally managed to get it to 375. As a result, I have a lot of Bags of Many Hides and Drums of Battle lying around that I know I won’t get my money back on but I’m glad it’s finally complete. The next thing of my list: getting Niqo the Netherscale Armor set!

P.S. One little update on the Pet-o-holics Namerator: All the names I have received have been added and now 10 random names will appear in the Namerator instead of 2. Thank you all for the wonderful success it’s been and keep those names coming!