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Here I am again at dawn, not because I’ve woken up early but because I haven’t gone to bed yet. I’ve realized that I have an interesting sense of humor (hence the title) and industry (hence the post) when I’ve been awake for this long.

More to the point, I somehow ended up looking over my blogroll and changing things around a bit. Adding blogs, moving blogs, removing blogs…etcetera etcetera. Does anyone else ever wonder what happens to these bloggers that just stop posting suddenly? Some of them I dearly miss because they had such informative and/or entertaining posts…but ah well, what can we really do but miss them?

One of the changes I made was to move Less QQ, More PewPew up to Resources on the right sidebar, next to Mania and BRK. Drotara is a complete genius as far as I’m concerned. He crunches numbers like they’re part of his daily breakfast (all those numbers do is make my head spin), he is always kind and funny, and his blog theme is an absolute work of art. When I think of well-designed blogs (being the web designer that I am), Less QQ is the first to come to mind.

Now, whenever I’ve added blogs to my blogroll in the past, I’ve mentioned them in a post because hey, I think they’re worth it.

Awlbiste’s Thicket -Awlbiste has been commenting on Petoholics for a good while now and only now have I realized that somehow, her blog never got added to the blogroll. She’s on a bit of a hiatus at the moment but I hope she comes back soon so I can enjoy more of her druid-awesomeness. (Although I see she’s still hanging around and commenting here. Yay!)

The Kitty Collector -Because you can never have too many cats. Anyone who has a passion for pets, in this case of the feline persuasion, is good in my books. And holy crap, did I see her mention 4-H? Hooray for us country bumpkins and our activities like 4-H! As far as I can tell, we’re the only sort of people who know what a “beer garden” is.

Vlcan’s Weblog – How Vlcan came across my blog out of the hundreds of WoW blogs out there, I will never know. He’s a man of many MMOs, which makes for an interesting view on a bunch of different games. I know myself that WoW is certainly more than enough for me.

Note to self: I’ve seen so many druids come here that there must be a connection between hunters and them. One day I’ll have to try out the druid class again, at least for curiousity sake.