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I especially like the roaring bone dragon. Very nice touch. I don’t suppose I can tame one…

Unfortunately all the realms I play on are still down. So I can’t log in and get Niqora a nice new chimera or core hound. I’m not really interested in any of the other new pets. Okay, maybe the moths. Brighit might get one of those. And possibly devilsaurs too. I suppose time will really tell. 😉

I am really looking forward to the new pet skills and talent trees. Every family gets a focus dump and its own special skill, Dash/Dive/Charge is now universal, pets have their own talent tress, new pets are auto-leveled to within 5 levels of your hunter…and last but not least, no more traipsing all over Azeroth to find that rank of whatever pet skill you need.

I remember not so long ago when there was a certain rank of Dash Blacky needed, but the lowest level beast with it was in Blackrock. Niqora tried to venture in there on her own, and then later with a druid friend…only to die repeatedly. I decided it was easier just to wait a few more levels. But now I will never have to do that again!

In other news, I reserved my copy of WotLK a couple days ago. It turns out that they don’t take pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition which I want. They sell those on a first-come-first-serve basis. So I’ll be hanging outside my local EB Games come November 13. 🙂 With the expansion, I’m looking forward to new areas to explore and, as always, new pets! I’ve basically been glued to Mania’s Arcania for latest pet updates. Will I be trying out the new Death Knight class? Most likely but I doubt I’ll stick with it. After all, I’m a hunter and pet lover at heart!