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I heart my guild

Back in October, I had mentioned that I had joined the Freeriver Tribe which was an all-tauren RP guild. Somewhere in November, a sister guild called Bloodriver was created. The RP story behind Bloodriver was it was to recruit fighters from every race and class to help take revenge on the Lich King for killing our chieftain and his mate. The non-RP reason was to create a place to put our non-tauren characters. 😛 As with every guild, there were this core group of players that got along really well, myself included, and we became fast friends.

But nothing lasts forever. I won’t get into the details but there was some guild drama, mostly taking place IRL, that threatened to tear Freeriver apart. A choice was made and most of Freeriver’s members moved over to Bloodriver. I have to admit that it was sad to leave Freeriver but what’s more important is that we stuck together and I think we’re all better because of it. Niqora has become one of the War Council, which is the Bloodriver rank for an officer. I’ve sat in on officer meetings to help decide how the guild will operate and it feels great to see our members grow and to make new friendships. I came to this group of people looking for some interesting RP and I still enjoy that. But now I’m finding myself hanging around with them just because I enjoy their company and just generally playing with them.

Which brings me to this series of screenshots:

At the beginning of KarazhanAt the beginning of KarazhanGetting ready to fight AttumenMoroes is going downLook Ma, I'm at the Opera!Look Ma, I'm at the Opera!The Curator: BeforeThe Curator: After

Yes, that is Niqora in Karazhan with my guildies. The day has come, dear readers…I have been in a raid.

Now, I know that this was not the greatest raid in history. We wiped quite a few times, sometimes due to not being familar with the place and more times than I would like from a few over-eager individuals jumping the gun and getting us all killed. Having said that, we killed the first 3 bosses on the first time. It’s not any sort of record but it’s a great first for a guild where most of us have never even seen the inside of Kara, myself included. I think I only made one stupid mistake where I accidently aggroed a couple of elites onto myself. I had been using Volley to help quickly kill some groups of non-elite mobs and I hadn’t realized that this particular time, some elites had decided to join in the fun. I was also happy to see that I came out on top for DPS. Mind you, Niqora is level 77 and the closest DPS in level was a 74 mage (but he was bragging before how he could out-DPS me so it was a sweet victory *grins* ).

As we speak, the rest of my guild is finishing off the instance while I’m at work, taking an extra shift for one of my co-workers. I had logged on before to do the cooking daily and they had offered me a spot even though they had already started…because they love me that much. 🙂 What I’ve taken from this one raid is that raiding can be stressful but what makes it fun for me is being able to do something with the friends I’ve made in the guild. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have gone in the first place. Congratulations Bloodriver, we did it!