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My First Commenter

Tzia just passed the hot potato over to me, so now I get the pleasure of thanking the very first commenter. When Petoholics first started, it was actually called It’s a pet-eat-mob world, which you can still find hosted on On my first ever post, an intro that was basically me just rambling away, none other than the great Mania commented on it, saying:

This is a good start for a blog so far! It sounds like you and I have similar playstyles — and very similar reasons to love hunters. I’ll be keeping an eye on you. :>

I have no idea how she found my obscure little blog but I will say that I was extremely flattered. Mania is a bit of an idol for me due to her extensive research, her outlook on playing hunters, and her wonderful love for pets that I share. It was her blog that most inspired me to start my own.

So to the amazing Mania, thank you ever so much for your encouragement and just letting me know that there was someone reading my blog other than me. Through you I found the many other bloggers that populate my blogroll, and they in turn found me and now I feel like I’m part of the community. Petoholics probably wouldn’t be the same without you, Mania, if it even had continued at all.

Of course, I must also thank all of the other people who read this blog and comment on it. I know that there are more of you lurking silently out there than there are the ones who comment but I can be rather a lurker myself sometimes. I may mostly write for myself but to say that I don’t enjoy writing for you all as well would be a lie. Thank you.

Now, to tag some other people… *passes the virtual potato to Vlcan, Softi, Awlbiste, Ihlos, Sellia, and Greenhunter*

It’s a virtual potato, it can divide like that. >.>