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So here’s the scoop…

I got a email from Tzia the other day, essentially poking me to see if I was still alive. I am very much alive and kickin’, I’ve just been crazy busy with RL. I’ve been writing resumes, filling out job applications, going to interviews, watching TV…okay, I’ll admit that ever since my brother got us cable again, the old boob tube has been sucking me in. But hey, we didn’t have any TV for about 6 months! And then there was the whole thing with Fable 2, which I still have yet to finish. Okay, so I did have some time, I just didn’t feel like blogging anything. Or when I did have something to write, more important things would come up and I’d have to push it to the wayside. But here I am now, feeling rather talkative when I should be snoozing due to a 8am interview and getting only 5 hours of restless sleep.

Let’s start off with an update to my last topic: Wrath of the Lich King. I had mentioned that since I wasn’t able to pre-order the Collector’s Edition, I was going to wait in line in the cold to snag one. It turned out to be very yucky weather, where it snows and rains at the same time while the wind blows it around everywhere. At least I wasn’t the only fool out there. I arrived at the store 1/2 hour before midnight, only to find about 50 people already lined up at the door to EB Games. I honestly hadn’t expected more than a handful. After all, Winnipeg is only a city of 1/2 million people and how many of those would be WoW players willing to wait out in that weather? It seems that I wasn’t alone in my obsession.

While I’m waiting and shivering, I’m half-listening to the two guys right behind me in line. Apparently they had never met before tonight. They had happened to be talking in Trade on the same server and decided to go grab copies of the expansion out of the blue. One of these guys was telling the other how WoW kept him out of jail, because he used to be a drug dealer but he was at home playing WoW when the cops raided a party that he was suppose to be at and all of his friends got arrested instead.

…I’d comment on that story, but I think it says enough by itself.

EB’s doors opened just before midnight and we all filed in. I had to stand in line for another 45 minutes or so but at least it was some place warm. The whole time I was sneaking peeks at the front counter to figure out if they would have a CE left for me but I couldn’t tell from where I was. Then I made it to the till and here came the moment of truth…I asked if they had any CE copies left.

I was then told that the ones they had were for all reserved people who had pre-ordered them.

Let me draw your attention back to a post I made on Oct. 14, and I quote “It turns out that they don’t take pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition which I want. They sell those on a first-come-first-serve basis.”

This is what the guy working had told me then. I explained that to the lady working now. She said something about the CE pre-orders selling out almost as soon as they came available…but that wasn’t what I was told. I could have argued with her but I’m too nice and I was cold and disheartened so I just bought the regular edition and left. I’ve decided that I will not buy anything from EB Games because of this. To top things off, my boss happened to be in EB the next day and saw that they had 2 CEs available, because it seems their number of reserved copies was less than the number of copies they had that night. So I could have gone back to grab one of those, but was it really worth it to spend another $70 at a place I didn’t want to go back to? I decided it wasn’t.

It could have been worse. Those guys behind me in line? They didn’t even get copies. Apparently EB’s midnight releases are only for people who have made pre-orders and these guys had only come on a whim. Disgruntled, they were heading over to a nearby Walmart when I left. Way to lose some more customers, EB Games.