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Heroics Sunday Sunday Sunday!

My guild has a good number of events planned for each week. Tuesday is Lowbie Day, where the higher levels help out lower characters (or someone’s alts) with quests or dungeons or anything else they made need. Sunday is Heroics Day. This past Sunday our heroics party consisted of the guild’s officers, not because we exclude members but because we were the only ones actually at level 80. 🙂

Our awesome tank was Ticalos, our healer was the wonderful Mysthowl and for DPS we had myself as Niqora, Myst’s wifey mage Linserai, and a mage that we found in LFG because unfortunately Tzia wasn’t online. Off to Oculus we went, basically because it was the daily but we were all cool with that.

Myst, Lin, and I had all been to Oculus before and had completed the heroic. Tic and the mage had never been (I don’t even think they had been to regular Occulus either). No problem, we’re a group that likes to take our time. It also seems that we’re a group that wipes…a lot. Drakos didn’t give us any problems (minus poor Lin dying) but Varos took us several tries. We kept getting caught in the damn lasers. But eventually we figured out the strategy behind it (zoom your camera all the way out, the lasers move counter-clockwise 2 orbs at a time) and once we had that down, we wiped the floor with him. We ended up getting stuck on Urom and his dang minions where after several wipes there, we called it a night because Tic and I needed to get up in 5 or 6 hours. 😛

So we didn’t finish the heroic. We only got 2 out of 4 bosses down. But we laughed when Lin swore one vicious oath at Varos, I joked about fattening up mages with my Fish Feast (which the other mage constantly thanked me for throughout the instance), and Tic spammed his joke emote until Myst slapped him upside the head. Sure I had a 25g repair bill in the end and no shiny new gear to show for it, but that was the most fun I’ve had in an instance in a while. Heck, I had been through there several times now, regular and heroic, and that’s the first time I’ve ever actually LEARNED how Varos works.

For some people, it’s all about the gear and the bragging rights. For us, it’s about exploring content and having a blast with a bunch of great friends. Gear is just the shiny icing on the top. Other players may think that we go too slowly or that we’re just plain crazy but it’s how we do things. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have I said lately how much I <3 my guild?