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What does your pet(s) mean to you?

I have much planned in terms of post updates and blog redesigns (who knows when I’ll actually pull myself away from WoW to do it all) but one issue has been nagging me for a while: what your pet(s) mean to you.

Now I’ve seen people run clear across Azeroth at the wee level of 10. They try their best to dodge enemies that would one-shot them but usually end up dying and respawning multiple times. If they’re lucky enough, they can convince a high-level friend to escort them, usually with promises of cake. These are the people who use PetEmote religiously, even if they aren’t a roleplayer. And heaven forbid that you kill their pet because you will suffer the full fury of their wrath.

But then I have also come across other hunters who don’t seem to give a rat’s arse about their beastly companion. Their pet is usually named something incredibly silly or demeaning, if they name it at all (not to say that silly pet names automatically equals no pet love). They will /slap or swear at their pet when it does something wrong (considering that we hunters have a LOT of control over our pets, I fail to see how our pets can screw up on their own outside of a glitch). Or even better yet, some of these hunters never bring out their pet, not even if there’s no reason not to have it out.

It should be pretty obvious to all of my readers that I fall into the first group. If the title “Petoholics” wasn’t a dead give away. 🙂 All of my pets on all of my hunters mean something to me in one way or another, even if it’s only that the pet just “feels right” with that character. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m extremely attached to at least one pet of mine.

So you can imagine how my jaw just drops when I encounter the 2nd kind of hunters. Pets are such an integral part of our class and they are unique even compared to the other pet classes. We have to cart around food for our furry friends and feed it to them regularly, sometimes at extremely unconvient times. They don’t level automatically with us. And they come in so many shapes and colours that it boggles the mind. Oh, and the things we can go through just to get the one that our heart desires. I can’t even comprehend treating my pets like crap.

Maybe I’m just being my normal weird self. But either way, I want to know what you other hunters think about this. What do your pet(s) mean to you? Why do some hunters treat their pets differently than others? This is a meme for all hunters, bloggers or not. Post your response on your blog or write up a comment on this here post. Either way, I want to know what the community thinks. You know my opinion, what’s yours?