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When I was young and foolish…

There’s been a meme going all around the WoW blogging community and I’m certain that I’m the last person to jump on this bandwagon. It’s a little crowded but thankfully no one has elbowed me in the eye yet. It involves digging through your screenshot folder (and I’ll be the first to admit that mine is an awful mess) and finding the sixth screenshot you took. I’m fairly certain that I have older ones that probably got deleted somehow but either way, this is what I found when I went a-searching…

Nicora and the old Blacky

Funny enough, this screenshot was taken for the header image for the blog “It’s a pet-eat-mob world“, which was Petoholics’ predecessor. And yes, that is Niqora (then known as Nicora and on her original server, Hydraxis) with her black worg called Blacky, because she was only level 36 and not even a high enough level to tame Blacky’s current incarnation. Ah, brings back memories, doesn’t it? Things like Steady Shot, kiting, and epic mounts were just vague phrases that all those spiffy level 70 hunter bloggers used. Heck, at that time Niqora didn’t even have A mount and was still trotted around with Aspect of the Cheetah. And I am shamed to admit that her first aid skill was still at 1 (I smartened up eventually though).

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and if there’s anyone who hasn’t been tagged to do this (I’m looking at you Myst and Ticalos aka Latigo), get on it! I promise it will be fun.

*dodges an elbow*