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The wind changes today

It started with Mysthowl declaring that Bloodriver will now embrace non-violent ways. Then Ticalos followed in suit. As an officer and in-character wife of Mysthowl, Niqora must now put aside her crossbow and skinning knife, and take up flower-picking and basket-weaving as her main professions. No longer will she spend hours in the Basin murdering and harvesting various wildlife for their meat and skins. Sure, her pets (all of them carnivores) will complain noisily but hey, change happens and you just have to deal with it.

As a matter-a-fact, now that I think of it, having all of those pets just sitting around in the stables while Niqora runs about isn’t quite fair. In fact, it’s down right cruel to have them caged up as such when they should be running around free. And what about all of my other hunters with all their pets? How many days have those pets spent cloistered in tiny stable stalls?

So…this is my conclusion. No longer will I be a petoholic. Today I will release all of my pets into the wilderness from which they came, and I will bid all my hunters goodbye except for Niqora and one of her pets. And in keeping with the new purpose of Bloodriver (which will soon be named something more appropriate), I’ve decided to get Niqora a much more docile pet. I’m thinking maybe a pink moth or a sporebat. That way both Niqora and her pet can live guilt-free on fungus and fruit. And never again will I have to endure an abundance of loving and caring pets, each with their own unique and interesting personality.

Oh what a happy life that will be.