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Don’t f*** with my vent

The following post is a little ranting story. Feel free to skip it.

I bought a 15-slot vent server for Bloodriver, because I had previously set up an 8-slot one on my brother’s computer and we were actually getting some use out of it. I trust my guild so I didn’t put a password on it. Everything was going fine with it until last night when a group of us were using it while running Nexus to help level some guildies (I was pet tanking btw 😉 ). Two people with names I had never seen before logged in. I didn’t think much of it at first because people have brought their friends into vent to chat. All of a sudden all I can hear is feedback noise. Okay, maybe someone’s having trouble with their mikes. But it keeps happening over and over again and I can also hear someone logging on and off, on and off. Someone is doing that using one of my guildies names, basically spamming us with freaking noise. At this point, I’m getting pissed off because someone is messing with MY vent. In a not-too-happy voice, I demand to know who these people are and what the hell are they doing here. One of them says that someone on IRC told them to join this vent for a raid. Obviously someone is f***ing with us so I tell them they have the wrong vent. The two with unknown names leave but the person bothering us with noise and using the guildie’s name continues to log in and out and blasting us with noise. Finally I ask everyone to leave vent. I ban the idiots from IRC and whoever is spamming noise, set a password for vent, and restart the server. I’m fuming at this point and it’s a good thing I’m not on vent because I’m swearing like a sailor.

We get back on vent, I settle down after a while, and we finish Nexus. Later on, Myst and Lin come back online, wondering why they can’t log into vent. After I give them the password and they log on, we tell them what happened. What’s kind of amusing is that my guildies tell them “Yeah, Niqo was really pissed, she dropped an F-bomb” and proceed to tell me how they’ve never heard me swear before. It’s funny because I do actually swear but only around certain people or if I’m really mad.

I feel I had every right to be mad though. Someone I trusted gave out our vent information to some scum who thought it would be amusing to spam us with noise. There are people outside the guild who have our vent information but I trust them as well. I had somewhat of an open policy before: people could invite their friends in, even if we didn’t know them. But now because of one a$$hole, I’m finding myself looking suspiciously at people I trusted. And that makes me feel like crap. I am hoping it was due to a guild member who left us for greener pastures (read: a raiding guild) and has actually tried to steal away one of our members. Then the problem will now be solved because he doesn’t know the new password. If it’s someone still within our ranks or allianced guilds…I don’t really want to think about that.