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Impatience + Money = WIN

Sons of Hodir dailies for whatever reason were starting to grate on my nerves. Usually I don’t mind doing dailies. These…maybe it was because for the life of me, I couldn’t do the drake spearing daily.

Either way, Niqora had some spare cash lying around. I know over 3000 gold really isn’t that much but what the heck else am I going to spend it on? Her tradeskills are all maxed, her gear is pretty good (just need another Massacre enchant /groan) and I don’t like spending lots of money on alts (especially considering how many I have). I could spend it on mounts…but I already have most of them that can be bought. Plus I really don’t need any more. >.>

So…I make a trip to the AH and buy 700 Relics of Ulduar. That gets Niqo from 5000 into revered to almost exalted. I have to do one daily to get to exalted…and congratulations to me! Niqo also gets the achievement for exalted with 15 factions. 15 somebodies like me! I buy her shoulder enchant and wave goodbye to all the frost giants. So long and thanks for all the…worm meat. πŸ˜›

Heading over to Zulrea, I do a couple quests and hooray! She’s level 30! Screw waiting for 3.2, I’m getting her mount now. She picks out a pretty emerald raptor and then I log her out until I feel like leveling her again (or until someone needs a level 30 healer).

Then us altoholics at Bloodriver decide that a RFC run is in order so I get on my newest hunter, Machalor (who is a remake of the original Machalor back on my old server Hydraxis, I’m so original). She gets some greens, loses the roll on the Chanting Blade (but it goes to a deserving guildie so I’m happy) and dings level 16. She goes to turn in all the quests for the instance and gets to level 17 just from those. I try to find Snort to tame (as Machalor is my hyena lady) but no such luck. When I log off for the night, my guildies are heading into SFK. I guess I’ll find out today how they did! πŸ™‚