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Argent Tournament Jousting Strategy

I try to do the Argent Tournament dailies every day (before for the titles and now just for the seals). My guildies and other friends do them as well but I always hear them complaining about how difficult the jousting ones are.

I’ve tried to explain the strategy that I use (and I can’t remember exactly where I found it) but it appears to be a bit confusing since I can’t show them what I mean.

So my solution was to create a video of Niqora using the technique on two different opponents. Of course you don’t have to watch the whole thing to get the jist of what I’m doing but it’s there just in case you do.

Here’s an explanation of the technique:

  1. Get your shields (Defend) up to 3 stacks right before you challenge the opponent.
  2. Once he takes off, spam Charge. You’ll automatically charge him when he’s far enough away. This will remove one of his shields.
  3. You’ll keep charging past him and what you want to do is to make a loop back around so you end up standing right in front of him. While you make the loop, spam Shield Breaker. This may take a couple tries to get right and sometimes it doesn’t even work. But if it does work, your opponent will lose another shield and he won’t be able to get a Charge/Shield Breaker off on you.
  4. Once you are within melee range again after completeing the loop, spam Thrust while making sure that you have 3 shields up. I always press Defend once during the melee part even if I still have 3 stacks of shields up. This way I know they won’t expire unexpectedly.
  5. Once your opponent starts to walk away from you again, start spamming Charge and repeat the process over again.

A higher quality version of this video is available on Xfire.

Here are two other explanations of the same strategy in case mine isn’t clear enough:

And of course questions/comments are always welcome. I hope this helps some people out when they’re doing their jousting. 🙂