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Just movin’ along…

WOOT! Level 50!Level 51

What you see here is Saraku, my little paladin, dinging first level 50 on Sunday and then 51 last night. I still can’t believe he’s coming so far so fast, why in only a handful more levels, he’ll be able to head to the Outlands. Considering how much of an altoholic I am and how slow my characters level, this seems like a big feat for me. More evidence that I REALLY like playing Saraku. I believe I’ll wait until he’s level 60 and has an epic mount before I send him to Hellfire…because there I’ll have to compete with a million and one death knights. >.< But at the rate I’m going, it shouldn’t be too long before the little nether dragonling is returning to the very land he was born in. Oh the RP opportunities. 😉