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Farming: the other profession

I had a conversation that made me /facepalm the other night, one that would have been worthy of WoW Bash if I had remembered to take a screenshot. Note this is not long after patch 3.2 came out.

Random level 40-ish druid: nice mount
Me (on Niqora and riding around on her black war wolf): Thank you
Druid: can i hav sum gold 4 mount?
Me: Sorry, you’ll have to go farming just like I did
Druid: ok
Druid: were do i lern farming?
Me: (insert facepalm here) Farming is where you go and kill lots of mobs for items that you can sell on the auction house
Druid: ok thanx

I’m all for making this game easier for new people but is this really the way to do? You know what I’d like to see? A mentoring program. I’ve seen it before in another MMO and I think WoW should have one. Just give higher-levels an incentive to do it and they’d be all over it. Hell, I do it for free right now, just because I like teaching people about the game.

Stay tuned for my next lesson where I attempt to teach these people how to spell properly. It’s an up-hill battle but I’m going to try my hardest!