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The post title pretty much describes how I’ve been feeling for the past little while. Wow, has it really been almost a month since I’ve posted? Yeesh.

So let’s just say that Real Life has been critting me big time lately (ha, I made a WoW analogy even if it is a lame one). As a result, I haven’t been my cheery self and I’ve seen it creep into my gaming. Things that normally never bother me, like people out-gearing Niqo in a single night and guildies’ alts out-leveling mine have made me irritated and upset. It’s really petty and selfish and I know that so it makes me feel even worse.

RL problems aside, I think part of the problem is I’ve gotten to used to playing with others. As strange as that sounds, remember that I’ve been playing this game for years largely by my lonesome. And I was cool with it. I need to get back into that in order to stay sane. It hit me one night, the realization that it’s never really changed from that. That may sound kind of sad but I’m the sort of person who can spend hours by myself and not feel lonely. Does that make any sense? >.>

Anyways, some of the RL stuff has been resolved and things are in an upswing now. Heck, I’m even getting a sweet new computer tonight that I’ve been wanting for oh…5 years or so? FINALLY I won’t have to play WoW on someone else’s computer. It will be so sweet.

Things are looking up, getting better. I just have to keep reminding myself about it. >.>