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Thoughts on Cataclysm

I meant to publish my post on tauren paladins after I cover my other opinions on Cataclysm but of course I goofed. Oh well.

Please keep in mind that these are just opinions and only on topics that interest me. Of course, you’re welcome to state your own opinions in the comments. 🙂

Goblins and Worgen: I would have preferred for goblins and worgens to start off neutral and then you could choose your faction at character creation or through a quest line. I could kinda see a faction of goblins aligning themselves with the Horde (case in point: only Horde has goblin zeppelins and goblins have always been at odds with gnomes). But worgen joining the uppity Alliance? I’m surprised they would accept them so readily when they scorn the Forsaken (the feeling is mutual though). *cough* Maybe I’ve just been playing Horde too long and I’ve become jaded. Either way, I’ll probably be playing a worgen, especially if worgen druids get some sort of wolf form. Count me in for shapeshifting into a wolf that can fight! Goblins…eh, maybe. A goblin hunter might be amusing. And then I could make jokes about Alliance trying to punt me and how I would just explode. Oh! I just thought of a hyena pet decked out in all sorts of engineering gear and explosives. Pet rocket launcher anyone?

Azeroth being redone: Now this sounds like lots of fun. New quests, different climates and landscapes for old areas…it’s going to be fun to run an alt through all of that. Although I have a feeling we’re not going to have to search for Mankirk’s wife. Damn, now new players won’t get those jokes.

Flying mounts in Azeroth: It’s about freaking time!

Hunters having focus instead of mana: Mana never really made sense to me but then again, I never really thought/worried about it. As long as I’m not going to get “Not enough focus” warnings all the time, I’ll be happy either way. Us hunters are used to having basically unlimited mana, to change that would really suck.

Level cap raised to 85: From the sounds of it, it will still be a grind. Also sounds like they will be releasing more expansions than they thought. Which I’m fine with. Content is king and new content is even better.

Archaeology: It sounds very interesting, like a built-in treasure hunt. I know this would be right up Niqora’s alley, with her being so curious by nature.

Guild leveling: I really like this idea because it encourages people to work together towards something they can all benefit from, regardless if they focus on RP, PvE, or PvP. It just brings people closer together.

The rumors that Garrosh will become Warchief, and will frame Cairne and get him executed: Oh. Hell. No. That spoiled brat of an orc will never EVER be any leader of mine. He has no leadership skills whatsoever and certainly no tact. He can say that he’s the Warchief but Thrall will always the leader of the Horde in my eyes. And getting Cairne killed on purpose?! WHAT?! *foams at the mouth* I swear, Niqo will hunt him down herself. Cairne and the taurens were the first allies the orcs had and they have done nothing but aid the orcs wherever they needed it. Cairne has done nothing against the Horde. For him to be executed for treason…it’s down right crazy. What is Garrosh thinking? (If you can’t tell, Cairne is my favorite NPC, followed closely by Thrall)

I have to say that most of what I’ve heard about it have gotten me excited for it. The only part I really don’t like is the Garrosh/Cairne bit. But that hasn’t even been confirmed yet so maybe I’m getting worked up over nothing.