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*glee* Level 80 Round 2!


I have to say that when Niqora hit level 80 months ago, I couldn’t imagine maxing out another character nevermind a non-hunter. But last night was the night when my dragonling paladin Saraku dinged level 80. I had been hoping to do it the night before but I didn’t have as much time to play and I swear that the experience required to go from level 79 to 80 is twice what it was to go from 78 to 79. Overall though it seems like the time flew by, like only yesterday he was a little level 30. Between lots of rested XP, the heirloom chest and shoulders, flying in the Outlands and Northrend, and the Carbonite addon, Saraku raced through the levels.

My guildies have known that I’ve been trying to get Saraku to 80 for a while so they were waiting with baited breath last night as I quested my way through a 1/2 level of experience. Between vent and guild chat, I must have been asked 10 times how close I was to the end, or how much longer I thought it was going to be. Kazi (bless that orc man :P) took me to the Amphitheater to get a nice healing mace as well as 2 bars of experience, because you know me, I completely forgot about that place.

By the time I had half a bar left, I was running all over Icecrown trying to complete quests as quickly as I could. Of course I went to turn in what I thought was my last quest but sure enough, I had a tiny sliver left. Cursing, I just started murdering the closest mobs (vrykuls) and a few mobs in…


Much caps over guild chat and many cheers over vent were to be had. And then suddenly everything got chaotic as invites were thrown around and people were clamoring for heroics and I was panicking because I needed to train and get my stash of level 80 gear and put my talent points into my dual specs and…

Well, here’s how I described it to a friend of mine today when I was recounting last night to him:

Level 80 conversation

Okay, maybe I exaggerated in some places. >.> There weren’t actually a “million” invites going out but it seemed that everyone wanted to go to a heroic with Niqo’s new pally (some who had been very patiently waiting for me the entire evening) and there’s only so many spots in a group. The tank wasn’t going that fast, I could still keep up but the pace meant I was staring at Grid for most of the heroic. And I didn’t yell at Kazi, just poked fun at him for having trouble not stealing aggro that night. 😛 I did jokingly make a comment about having a nervous breakdown but they sympathized with me…before saying let’s do another heroic. 😉

It was crazy but it was hella fun and I’d do it all over again. In fact, I have a feeling that I’ll be dragged to something crazy like timed CoS or ToC tonight, lol. But it’s not like I’m all that lacking in gear. Between Brewfest boss drops, 2 ToC runs (yes, my guild took me in there at level 75 and 77 just because they can), and what I go from the heroics last night, Saraku already has a handful of epics and several blues amongst his gear at this moment. I still feel like a n00b though.

Thank you Bloodriver and Carpe Jugulum for making this game so damn fun!

Oh and here’s a picture for the ladies. Go ahead and /swoon 😉

Yes, he is /flexing on top of the tables in the Horde inn. Table dancing anyone?

Yes, he is /flexing on top of the tables in the Horde inn. Table dancing anyone?