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So many things, so little time

Twitch GravatarAs an aside, I finally got around to adding a favicon to the site (the little image that you see the address bar when you visit this site). Also, I figured out how to customize the default avatar so for anyone who doesn’t have their own Gravatar, you now get one of Petoholics’ mascot Twitch! (shown on the left)

On to other things, it seems I have no shortage of things to do in relation to this blog and WoW. I have to write the next part of the Valraen and Ticalos story, the next installment of Saraku’s history, and I really should provide more background on Niqora and Anuniaq in the least. Zulrea and Machalor could also use some RP love one of these days… I also have posts to write about raiding and other events that have happened recently. Oh, and more Adventurers of Kazi and Saraku.

In WoW, Saraku needs to return to help save some of his kin (AKA do the Netherwing dailies) and also get Crusader status so he can sport the Argent Charger (or the Warhorse, I haven’t decided yet). There’s also so much gear to get for both Saraku and Niqora, although Saraku needs it more. I also need to decide which character to level next. Anuniaq has been sitting at level 42 for a long time now, but Zulrea is 33-ish and I have to admit that I want to learn how to play a shammy. Blasphemous, I know, perhaps I should alternate between hunters and non-hunters for leveling? Although I’m not going to rush through the levels like I did with Saraku; I’m going to take a much more relaxed pace this time.

Oh, did I also mention that Bloodriver has been running old world and BC raids all last week and is continuing all this week as well? This is a ton of content that I’ve never seen and that I would really like to see so I’ve been trying to attend as many of them as I possibly can. AQ-40 is one epic raid by the way, which Kazi described on his blog (I’m the one surfing on top of the red bug).

And now for something completely different, I just want to ramble on a bit about something I’ve been silently lamenting about. Maybe it’s just my imagination but it seems that everyone else has someone they know outside of WoW that actually plays with them. They either have a significant other, a friend, or a family member that they can spend time with in-game. I have had people in the past to play with…but they never seem to stick around. The first time I saw WoW with my own two eyes was when my brother started a trial account. My roommate (who has been mentioned before as Mr. Paladin) was the one who finally got me to try it out, but when I rolled my first ever character (night elf druid), he already had a level 40-something human pally so I was left to my own devices. Mr. Paladin’s brother and my brother had full accounts by this time so we tried a couple times to make leveling groups together. That’s when all three of them quit the game at basically the same time and I was left with a bunch of unloved alts. I leveled by myself for the longest time until my brother decided to come back to WoW on a new Refer-A-Friend account. I excitedly rolled a druid to level to his paladin…which worked for about 15 levels. Then he started logging on so infrequently that I’ve all but given up on him as a leveling partner. Not long after that I was fortunate enough to meet a local WoW player who I became fast friends with. We talked about leveling some characters together and even managed to team up for a couple weeks…before he quit WoW too.


I mean, is there something I’m doing wrong here? Do I have some digital version of bad breath or BO that’s driving people away? I don’t even roll new characters anymore when someone asks me to because what’s the point if they’re going to be abandoned anyways? I’m fine with playing by myself for the most part but I would be one happy gamer if I could find a leveling partner willing to stick with me for more than a handful of levels.

Oh well. Que Sera, Sera.