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What secret places do you know about?

I have a question for you, my lovely readers. I’m looking for some cool places that most players don’t know about or are really hard to get to.

Ones that I have on my list so far:

  • Shatterspear Village (the dancing troll village)
  • The Tanaris Islands
  • The tauren farm south of Silithus
  • NewMan’s Landing
  • Ironforge Airport, Mount Ironforge, and the Wetlands Farm
  • Elwynn Waterfalls
  • Western Stonetalon
  • Karazhan Crypt
  • The tauren house in the mountains between Mulgore and the Barrens

Are there any others that anyone knows of that could be explored? Please leave a comment to let me know!

Side note: The name submission forms for the PANDA WoW Name Generator and the Pet-o-licious Namerator are back up again! Finally! Once again you have the opportunity to suggest names for these popular tools so please don’t hesitate to do so.