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Healing lazers go pewpew

Remember less than 2 weeks ago when I was complaining about how I can never seem to find a leveling partner that sticks with me? Well Kazi so kindly offered his warlock to level with my shammy Zulrea and in that small time frame, we’ve gone from level 33 to dinging 51 last night. I have to admit that I never thought Zulrea would get that high, at least that fast. I figured she was going to mull around the 30s for a long time, only coming out to heal the odd lowbie run through Scarlet Monastery and grabbing a level here and there. Anyways, while it is great to be leveling so quickly, the majority of the enjoyment comes from having Kazi there and how well our characters work together.

You see, I’m leveling Zulrea as elemental. From what I’ve gleaned from others, enhancement is the preferred leveling spec and probably for good reason…you can take more hits. I choose elemental because I figured this would be the closest I ever get to playing a caster and I wanted to try something other than melee after having leveled Saraku for so long. And I also knew the elemental would be a good off-healer when the situation needed it. We’ve actually discovered that this is a great combination to have with Kazi’s warlock Basi, who’s specced Affliction.

In general, our fights go something like this: We find a bunch of mobs, the more there are the better. Kazi starts dotting them up while I throw around a couple Earth Shocks and maybe some Lightning Bolts (usually on the target that’s being taunted by Kazi’s voidwalker because I’m pretty squishy despite all my mail gear). Once Kazi has them all gathered up, he uses his voidwalker bubble (the name of the spell eludes me) and starts using Hellfire. I can usually get off a Chain Lightning before his bubble wears off and he starts taking damage. Then I throw him a heal and by the time that’s done, his Hellfire has killed everything. He uses Life Tap to regain his mana and I heal him to full health again. That way he never runs out of health and mana, and the mana regen for an elemental shammy is so good that this all barely makes a dent in my mana pool (I’m fondly referred to as his mana battery 🙂 ). Then off we run to our next set of victims. I believe our record for the amount of mobs we can take on at once is 12 or 13 16 or possibly more as Kazi pointed out. I can count on one hand the number of times we have died since we partnered up. Who would have thought that a shaman and a warlock would go so well together?

Hellfire + Healer is OP but I'm not gonna complain

Hellfire + Healer is OP but I'm not gonna complain

It’s also very amusing to hear Kazi cackle manically over vent when he sucks the soul out of a particularly annoying mob. I laugh every time.