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Patch 3.3.0 cometh

Yes, I am very much still alive. I’m just been…rather preoccupied with other endeavors. I have still been playing WoW quite a lot, including raiding every Saturday and Sunday.

…Yes, I have become a casual raider. Let’s not delve too much into that statement at this time, shall we? 😉

As I’m sure you all know, the new patch is out today and I’m very excited about all the changes that it’s bringing. I’m not even going to go into detail about all the hunter and pet changes, which are full of a whole bunch of win. Non-hunter things that I am also pumped about are:

  • Heirloom items can be sent across faction
  • New heroics for us to play with
  • New totem designs for orc and troll shammies (Zulrea be lovin’ dah new look, mon)
  • Fire Nova introduced and shorter cooldowns on Elemental totems (although Kazi is much happier about that 😉 )
  • Meeting stones have greatly reduced requirements (That was so ANNOYING)
  • We can go directly to Sapph in Naxx
  • Whole bunch of interface upgrades (that will probably break my mods 😛 )
  • New fishing tourney and a new use for all that damn pygmy suckerfish!
  • Weekly raid quests
  • And last but not least…head and shoulder enchants are now BoA! Thank god Niqo is exalted with all those factions already

I have a feeling that as soon as I get on tonight, there’s going to be people eager to check out the new heroics so I’ll see just what they’re like.

I’ve never been so eager to be done work for the day…