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In Memory: Vinny

On Sunday night, I got a whisper from Myst giving me some awful, awful news. Our long-time guild mate, Vinny (aka Solarion aka Ebonwind) had passed away just a couple hours before. Everyone was in a complete shock. He was so young and vibrant that we had never suspected a thing. We had just raided with him the night before, and someone had even talked to him that afternoon. It was just so sudden.

Here it is a few days later and I still don’t think I’ve come to terms with it. A part of me is still expecting him to log on and yell “Surprise!” in guild chat. He was almost always  in vent, even if he wasn’t on WoW. It’s so very quiet without him.

There are so many things I remember about him. How he would sing that corn nuts song over vent or yell “Kungaloooooosh!” at random. One of my favorite stories about him was when he was wandering through Orgrimmar with his lowbie tauren warrior Ebonwind and suddenly a level 80 Alliance death knight raced past him, trying to get away from the guards and the other players. He attacked…and landed the killing blow on the DK. For about a month, he would randomly assume his deep Ebonwind voice and say “Poomf! …Fucking death knight.” It always made me laugh.

What I remember the most clearly though was just how he was always there for everyone. He would run alts through dungeons, provide services to guildies without payment, make suggestions for events and such, and greeted and talked to everyone. Whenever he would notice that I was down, he would whisper me and let me know that I could talk and rant to him whenever he wanted. Even when he quit WoW for a while, he would still talk to me over Xfire, even trying to convince me to join him in City of Heroes. When he came back to the game, he said that the reason he did so was because he missed us.

His funeral is today and being in another country and without a passport or the money, I can’t be there. But that doesn’t mean I can’t honor who he was. He was brash and crazy…but we all loved him for it. My characters are proudly going to wear the guild tabard he designed. And I am going to hope that Bloodriver and our new Alliance sister guild Obsidian Phoenix do him proud.

One day, Vinny, we’ll meet again on the other side. I promise to play City of Heroes with you then.