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I have a dream

Ladies and gentlemen…I have a dream. I dream of a world where new players are not completely confused by the talent system. Where they will know that being a tank is more than wearing plate, or being a healer is more than having a mana pool. Where the new DPS will know what the words “rotation” and “priority” mean. And most importantly of all, where they…will know…not to stand in the fire!

Klepsacovic’s post that I linked to up there has given me the inspiration for this. Should Blizzard make the talents more informative? Oh yes, it certainly wouldn’t hurt. How about the knowledge of what spells to use in what situation? Or what on Azeroth is making their pet attack every killable mob in sight? (Pssssst, I think he’s set on aggressive.)

Regardless of what Blizzard should or should not have done, the present situation is that World of Warcraft can be a little bit of a hard place to comprehend. Heck, every time I try out a new class, I look for guidance. But some new players don’t know where to look for help. They don’t know about all the wonderful blogs and databases and wikis out there that are more than happy to explain these things to them.

So bring the information to them.

Become a mentor to someone or many someones. In the very least, teach them how to help themselves. Point them in the direction of wowhead, thottbot, or wowwiki. Give them a site where they can learn a good leveling spec and what abilities are useful for them.

If you know their class intimately, tell them all you can about it. Analyze their gear and talents, and what abilities they use. Are you an RP or PvP pro? Offer to show them the ropes.

Don’t just let them convince you to run them through a dungeon. They may gain a level but they learn nothing in the end. Don’t let them hound you to help them with every quest either, that will do neither of you good.

So make a mentor macro and use it in a lowbie zone. Optionally include your blog URL (or favorite blogger’s URL if you don’t have one) if you want the extra visitors. Or find a single player who looks like they’re pretty new and offer your services.

So spread the words to other bloggers and readers and just about anyone you want. Blizzard may have made this game, but we are the ones who make up the community, the core of the WoW world. So let’s make it a little better.