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They call me…Lucky

Screenshotted so you know that it did happen

As most of us know, Patch 3.3.3 launched yesterday and I was looking forward to checking out the improvements to Ferocious Inspiration (hooray for BM buffs!). So Kazi and I decided to queue for a random and see how well it worked. I asked my guild if anyone wanted to join us for the quick heroic but they were all getting ready for a Saph run to get someone the key for EoE. So, we queued as just the two of us and waited only a minute or two (because luckily, Kazi queues as a healer).

We ported into a heroic Forge of Souls to find that the group had already cleared some of the trash on the way to the first boss and lost/kicked their healer and a dps. The pug members were certainly geared enough for this place and competent (except for the other hunter who later stood in the soulstorm of the first boss >.<). We’re working through the trash with relative ease when IT drops.

Yes…the [Battered Hilt] dropped. My jaw very literally drops. I hear Kazi suck in a breath over Skype. He quickly types out to the party that everyone should roll need. We all do. And…I win it. I won the freaking Battered Hilt! No one in the party had seen it drop before, myself included. I never thought I would see it, nevermind win it!

This of course leads to me gushing to the rest of the guild of my fantastic luck. Kazi congratulates me, my guildmates congratulate me. One of them grumbles over it a little (understandably because he really wants it but doesn’t have the money to afford it) but says “Congrats” as well.

A little later on in the evening Jorgy, a guildmate and close friend of Kazi, logs on. Kazi and him have a friendly competition going over gear score, with Jorgy having the lead for the last little while. So they’re always linking this and that in guild chat to poke at each other. (The following is paraphrased.)

Jorgy: Wanna see how much I love you, Kazi?
Kazi: …how’s that?
Jorgy: [links yet another piece of gear that he bought with frost emblems]
Kazi: …I hate you
Jorgy: lol
Kazi: I mean…congrats, man 😉

Having witnessed this time and time again and having fallen behind in said gear score race, I simply cannot resist this perfect opportunity.

Me: Hey Jorgy, wanna see how much I love you?
Jorgy: Sure 🙂
Me: [Battered Hilt]
Jorgy: Well, I’m off now /wrist

Luckily he has a good sense of humor and wasn’t actually depressed about it. 😉

So now that I have this thing that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get, I need to decide what to do with it. My two options are to start the quest chain and get a cool ilevel 251 sword, or sell it. If I look at it as another piece of gear, it would be an upgrade but for how long? I know that Cataclysm is not that far down the road, which will surely make it obsolete rather quickly. I could wave it around in people’s faces and exclaim “Look at me! I’m special with my special sword!” which might earn me some jealousy for a while…again, until Cataclysm comes out.

Remember when having titles like “of the Shattered Sun” was cool? It means little to nothing now because of all the “better” titles in Wrath, which of course will become lackluster in Cataclysm. And what if I do end up in ICC and a similar weapon drops that I could have used? After all, Niqo is geared enough to go in there if it ever struck my fancy. But really, what is gear in the end but shiny pixels that make us ooh and aww, until the next best thing comes along?

On the other hand, I could sell it and make more gold than I’ve ever seen in one spot. A guildmate was also lucky enough to have the hilt drop a month or so ago, so she sold it for 13000g and bought herself a mechano-hog. With that amount of money, I could do so many things. I could buy dual-spec for all my characters on Wyrmrest Accord, or pay for the epic flying on 2 more characters. I could get a mechano-hog (like Jorgy says I should), or a traveler’s tundra mammoth. I could finally start working my way into pet tanking without worrying about the cost of gems and enchants. And who knows what sort of wondrous things they’ll introduce in Cataclysm, that I will now be able to participate in because I have the gold to support me? It just feels like I could do more by selling it.

I’m certain the quest chain involved in restoring the sword is as epic as it sounds like it is. But isn’t one missed opportunity worth who-know-how-many others that are just waiting to be discovered? Isn’t that the reason I play this game, for the sense of discovery? Or am I just going to wave around my epeen in everyone’s faces?


/trade WTS [Battered Hilt]. PST with offer.