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Now with more orc!

Aggro Magnet of the Bloodriver Clan

Now that Faeldray’s glowing introduction has me all blushing, I suppose I should share a few things about myself…as you might have guessed, that’s my namesake up there, hanging out in Orgrimmar. I raid casually, RP, and level a multi-server army of alts, but Kazi’s been a solid main for a long, long time. I started playing in January, the year Wrath came out, and have mostly been settled into either a family-only guild or one of Bloodriver’s colonies (as their Token Orc) since. I don’t care for guildhopping, and the people there have been great friends over the years, having introduced me first to the joys of 5-mans and later of raiding.

Of course, Bloodriver is also where I met my sweet Faeldray, so I might be just a tad bit biased. >.>

I’m fond of the lore (retconned and spliced as it may be), love questing, and I apparently can bang bits of texts together to make a credible story every now and then, WoW-based or not. Blogging is still kind of new to me, being a rather private sort of person in that annoying Real Life place, but I’ll do my best to earn my keep, so to speak. Good to make acquaintance of all of you. 🙂