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Neither gold nor glory

I finally did it. It took me several weeks, mostly rep grinding, some of it due to the help required for raids not being available at five in the morning when I came home, but the Scepter of the Shifting Sands is now mine, forever in a place of honor in Kazi’s bank. After all the preparation, slaying trash in AQ40 for reputation, gathering the obscenely expensive materials and rare meats for that crazy gnome in Tanaris, hunting through hostile territory for book fragments and the epic Moonglade event with Eranikus, a single night of raiding finished the job: a quick Onyxia run, followed by begging our only semi-active rogue (we really could use someone who mains a rogue in Bloodriver) to accompany us to Blackwing Lair. Afterward, we trekked to Azshara to finish off Maws, and finally to Silithus to finish the chain for good. There was no epic event, at least not for us—the Scarab Gate had never been closed on Wyrmrest Accord,  as it’s quite young.

As my guildies (seriously, thank you guys! I couldn’t have done much of anything without your help) dispersed, I couldn’t help wondering…what drove me to do such a long, painful line of quests? There was essentially no reward; the dagger and robes I received during the course of questing don’t have unique skins, and the cost of the materials for the arcanite buoy was close to ruinous. The legendary mount and title are long past obtainable, no other items can be shown to others—the Scepter isn’t even an item that can be equipped and shown to other. Why, then, did I spend many hours of my own time and that of my guildies to finish this archaic questline?

I believe it’s my completionist desire, the same one that drove me to get Seeker and Loremaster, and which still propels me on occasion to keep questing on Kazi. I pay my money every month for this game, and I love it…and like every other game I’ve loved, I am doing everything I can to prolong the game. Which, I suppose, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in a game which continuously updates, but it keeps me busy. The questline has also tantalized me for a long time; I’ve written before on my fascination with the entire Ahn’Qiraj war effort event, and this questline was in many ways the focal point of that event. It’s also going away in Cataclysm—it’s been confirmed that the blue dragon which gives an entire third of the scepter’s questline is being removed, and it’s likely they’ll remove the rest as well. Regardless of why, it’s still a major thing I can check off on my ‘To Do’ list…now, to get that Eye of Sulfuras….