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Cataclysm: Extremely First Impressions

So I’ve been able to play cataclysm for…40 minutes now, and I’ve focused on two things: OMG flying in Azeroth, and the new secondary profession, Archaeology. So far, it’s been pretty interesting, though I’ve just dipped my toe in the waters, so to speak…only twenty skill as of this writing. Thoughts below, in no particular order:

This takes a /long time/ to level. I’ve been at this 40 minutes and I’ve canvased the length of Kalimdor already. The artifacts are three to a zone, and the zones are random, so you’re going to have to move a long ways. Being a speed-buffed class while mounted/having a 310 mount/both will serve you very well.

The mechanics are interesting. You enter the dig site, and you use Survey, which will pull up a surveyor’s gear with a blinking light on it. The color and frequency of said light shows the distance to the artifact, while the direction of the scope indicates the rough direction. It takes a bit of learning to figure out how far it’s telling you to go, but once you get a feel for it the artifacts come quickly (which are unearthed when you Survey at the proper location).Once you have three digs done at a site, it vanishes and a new one appears.

The artifacts are of a bunch of different races, indigenous to the locations you’re digging. If you focus, you’ll get the items faster…but if you don’t, you’ll likely get your skillups faster.

Holy crap, it gives a ton of XP. 5500 XP per dig at level 80? Pretty damn fast XP. Also, some of the sites are glitched and will give you all three fragments at a single location, so make sure you survey right after you’re done unearthing!

So far, an interesting profession, with about the same leveling speed as, say, fishing. I hope I can find some of the more interesting stuff to show as examples soon!

EDIT: Apparently, completing an item gives you 5 skill points and the item itself, with a little box in your profession window with some lore tidbits. Nifty!

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