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Back from the holidays

While my vacation technically ended back on January 3, I’ve been terribly busy with this major work project, and my free time has been filled with playing WoW and what relaxation it can bring. But! Prior to that, I had quite the fun and relaxing holiday vacation.

As I mentioned before, Kazi flew all the way up to the Great White North to spend his holidays with me. He got to meet my family (which went rather well, there was minimum interrogation) and got his arse kicked at pool by my cousins. Although I didn’t get the chance to take him snowmobiling or sledding, both of which he had never done (such a Southern boy), we had a great time with my family overall and he did get to eat all the Ukrainian food he wanted. πŸ™‚ For my birthday we went out for a movie and supper with my family, and for New Year’s we went down to Spar Games and played video games with the owner, the owner’s friend, and my brother until late into the night. Oh yes, and pigged out on way too much Chinese food. We probably shouldn’t have ordered 11 dishes for 5 people…in our defense, we were expecting more people to show.

For presents, Kazi bought me a new power supply for my computer, The Shattering and The Zombie Survival Guide books, and the only girly gift of some special hand lotion that I had just been too lazy to get myself. Geeky presents for a geeky girl, and I love him for it. πŸ˜€

The rest of the days were mostly spent relaxing: watching movies, playing Munchkin, eating out, those sort of things. We honestly barely touched WoW, as my computer is the only one that can run it reasonably well, which Kazi can attest to from attempted to heal a dungeon on my brother’s computer. It was really sad for him to have to go back home, but in the very least, he could use his own computer again, heh.

Where do I hit level 85? Of course in some musty old tomb surrounded by bugs...

So it’s only been in the past week or so that both of us have really returned to WoW. Niqora is of course level 85 now and through quite a bit of leatherworking/rep grinding and a handful of dungeons, she is geared enough for heroics and has completed a few now with Bloodriver. Her main spec may be BM but for dungeons, she’s usually found in Survival for the better traps and Wyvern Sting to help with CC. It’s become a standard now for her to Camouflage (as I announce over Mumble “I’m the predator, b*tches!”) and begin pulls with a Freezing Trap and a Wyvern Sting if needed. The Lock and Load proc from trapping has led me to plead to our tanks “Can I trap this one pleeeeeease?” Having said that, BM is not without its uses as for two boss fights, I’ve pulled out a tanking pet and have successfully offtanked some adds which have been particularly troublesome (I’m looking at you, High Prophet Barim).

I want to say this about Cata dungeons: I really do appreciate that skill and CC are extremely helpful if not required in a lot of them. It really shows who knows their class and plays them well. But dear lord, do they have to be so long? If I want to do a heroic with my guildies, it should not take us 4 HOURS like it did one night. Most of the dungeons take us at least 1 hour, usually 2 or 3 depending on the difficulty. I want to run dungeons but I don’t want to spend a single evening on just one. I believe that’s what’s led me to feeling a little burnt out already on them. Me, who would run Wrath heroics all day for several days in a row.

Another thing that I’ve been grumbling about and I’m sure every leatherworker is doing the same is the distinct lack of good places to farm leather. Unfortunately there is no equivalent of Sholozar Basin in Cata. The best I’ve been able to find is the Cradle of the Ancients in Uldum, at least after they nerfed the stone bats in Deepholm and the tigers in the Lost City.

Between farming leather, dungeons, and questing with Kazi the rest of the time, I am honestly feeling a little burnt out on Niqo at the moment. I’m sure it doesn’t help that all this work was to make sure Niqo was raid ready, only to hear that half of our raid time will be absent for one reason or another and so it might be a while before we actually raid. I understand the reasons behind all these breaks but it leaves me a little crestfallen, you know?

So as such, it looks like Niqo will be moving at a slower pace now, leaving more time for alts that have been poorly neglected. I’ve also had an odd hankering for some RP lately, something I haven’t really felt strongly since Bloodriver began raiding in earnest in Wrath. Like a guildie pointed out, it was probably because raiding just took up so much time and effort. So now I’ll just have to try and shift my focus a little off raiding until we can get everyone back in, and onto RP and alts. Not that I can really complain about something like that. πŸ˜‰

With any luck, in a couple days you’ll see Kazi post a new RP story I know he’s been working on. From what I’ve seen, it’ll turn out to be another excellent piece from him. πŸ˜‰ I’ll try to keep things more up-to-date here (as I always loosely promise with no real changes :P) and if I can find the time, I’m going to try and wrap my head about the events of The Shattering and find Niqo’s and Saraku’s place within it.

Until next time, happy hunting, folks!

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