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On January 25, 2007, a new account was created for World of Warcraft. It was that day that I joined the millions of other subscribers who populated the servers. Since then, I have always had an active subscription. Today that changed.

My account now says that the subscription is cancelled and will be expiring on May 7. For all intents and purposes, it’s already done as I’ve checked my mail and auctions on all my characters to make sure nothing gets lost in the nether of the Azeroth Mailing System.

I won’t go into the details as to why I’m taking break, other than to say I’m not to be counted among those who are leaving because they’re unsatisfied with WoW. I still love the game: the world and setting, the lore, the graphics, the music, the gameplay, and most certainly my characters and my pets. I know I will miss it but emotions are too raw right now and I just can’t face logging in at the moment.

Since this is a WoW blog, it seems appropriate to let it fall dormant with my WoW account. I will certainly continue gaming and for anyone interested, I’m going to try to revive my personal blog with all my gaming and non-gaming ramblings. I warn you though, you’ll probably get spammed with Wurm Online updates. >.>

When will I be back? I don’t know, nor do I know in what capacity. I think this is an appropriate place to go with Blizzard’s trademark “Soon”.

…I’m feeling at a loss for words on how to end this, so I’m going to cop out and let some song lyrics say it for me:

See never say goodbyes, because you don’t have to, it ain’t over
–Never Say Goodbye by Kyprios