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So we meet again, Firelord

Ragnaros, Big Fiery Dude (from

So this weekend, my raid group headed back into the Firelands. We were on Alysrazor from last time and it only took a new tries to get her down, with surprisingly few deaths. For us, killing a boss is a win. Killing a boss with everyone still alive is a \o/ MAJOR WIN \o/. I quite enjoy that fight because it’s interesting and kind of challenging at the same time. Plus if our mage is having technical difficulties (or dies yet again), I get to fly around and pew pew the big fiery bird. >.>

Then it was back to Lord RNGolith, which made everyone groan. There was a wipe on the gauntlet on the way to him because we wouldn’t be Bloodriver if we didn’t wipe on trash about as often as we wipe on bosses. 😛 Once our tank (who had never tanked this before) figured out the best way to pick up adds and how to place them, the big guy went down fairly fast and easily. I can only hope that we will never ever have to kill him again.

Majordomo Staghelm was up next, which was exciting because he was the second last boss and hey, what Hordie doesn’t love the sound of a dying night elf? It took us only one wipe to fully understand the strategy, with the problem being too many people running out at once to deal with Burning Seeds and making him shift back to cat form before we were ready. Our second attempt had him dead. It…was almost disappointingly easy.

I forget the name of that trash mob on the way to Ragnaros, the one that summons random sections of lava on the walkway. Either way, we sucked at that dance, except for Kazi on his blood DK who ended up soloing him for most of the fight. Got to love those self-heals.

Anyways, we eventually got through and standing before us was Ragnaros. As someone who has run Molten Core many, MANY times in an effort to help Kazi get the Sulfuras lengendary (which he still hasn’t been able to finish by the way), I hate this guy. I really do. And meeting him again in the Firelands has not changed that opinion.

We managed to make it to the first transition phase once but for the most part, we’re still have problems in the first phase. Our melee seems to enjoy either being squished by the giant hammer or dying to the subsequent waves from it. It’s a work in progress in other words.

Oh yeah, our rogue pointed out that with his hair/horns/? like that, he looked like Dee Dee from Dexter’s Lab.