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Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros

I don’t believe I mentioned this before but 2 years ago, Kazi decided that he wanted to try to get Sulfuras, the legendary mace from Molten Core.

He very quickly and dutifully collected all the materials for the Sulfuron Hammer through multiple MC runs and helped his blacksmithing friend to get the recipe for him. Within a couple months, the hammer was created and all he needed to complete it was the Eye of Sulfuras. An item that has a 4% chance to drop off of Ragnaros.

Months went by and the want to run MC dwindled with each week for his guildmates (including myself), and there were times when poor Kazi had to run the whole place by himself at level 80 as this was back in Wrath. The Eye would not drop.

More months went by and Kazi had done so many MC runs that he had become exalted with the Hydraxian Waterlords. The Eye would not drop.

Even more months passed. Kazi was feeling like he would never see that Eye. The launch of Cata and its huge stats increase made running the raid much faster and easier, and so I was more inclined to help him and encourage him to continue. Almost every week, we ran through Molten Core, sometimes just the two of us and other times with friends. The Eye would not drop.

This past Sunday, we were joined by Ivi, a druid that’s part of our regular raid group. She came because she still wanted some mog gear from there.

We went through the motions of killing all the bosses and then making our way to Ragnaros. The big fiery dude dies and Kazi loots automatically like he’s been doing for the last 2 years.

This time…the Eye does drop.

There’s an explosion of congratulations between Kazi and I talking over Skype, and then in raid and guild chat.

Well said, Ivi, well said.

Kazi loots the Eye and then actually asks if he should make the mace now. He is answered by a chorus of “HELL YES!” on all sides. He quickly pops his Jeeves and grabs the hammer that had been sitting in his bank for over a year.

He then goes and gets himself a congratulatory beer. 😀

So after two years of trying week after week, Kazi finally got his shiny mace and our guild its first legendary. Lord knows he deserved it after such dedication. His character wears it well too.


Time to smash the heck out of some squirrels

Taken in the Cleft of Shadow next to Lil Rag so you can see how much it glows

*raises a glass* Here’s to you, hon. Your long and arduous quest is now complete and the rare treasure is all yours. 🙂