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Just making official what you already guessed

Well…since it’s been over a year since my last post, I’m sure most of you have already guessed that this blog has been abandoned. If anyone is still lurking around, I can confirm the rumors. Petoholics Anonymous has had a good run but like all things, it must come to an end eventually.

This has always been a WoW blog so it only makes sense that when my interest in WoW waned, so did my interest in posting here. I really should have made this post months earlier than this, but I didn’t really have the heart to until now. For that year and a bit, even thinking about WoW brought back bitter sweet memories. I won’t burden you all with the details but let’s just say things are getting better for me now.

If you’re still interested in my blogging, I’ve been posting infrequently on Lair of the Wolf Dragon, mostly about the random games I’m playing at the moment. Which from my posts seems like a lot of Wurm Online.

I’m also on Twitter and Facebook if those strike your fancy.

For anyone interested on what will become of my name generators, I’ve uploaded their sources to Github. If anyone wishes to continue their development/maintenance, you can do so with my blessing.

As for what will happen to Petoholics Anonymous, I intend to leave the blog up for archive purposes for at least a little while. Eventually I will turn comments off to discourage spammers.

For a parting note, I would like to thank all the commenters and supporters for encouraging me to keep writing my little tales for 5 years. It’s been a wild ride and I don’t regret a moment of it.

And to all of you gamers…keep loving your hobby, no matter what game you play or what anyone else says. Live your virtual lives to the fullest.

Game on, my friends.