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Petoholics Anonymous

Petoholics began as a “all hunters, all the time” sort of WoW blog and consisted mainly of me rambling on about my little army of pet-obsessed hunters. As time went on, things began changing to reflect the changes in how I played. Kazimierz joined as a co-blogger and I began to branch out to characters of many classes and roles, dungeoning, roleplaying, and eventually raiding. My main will always be Niqora the tauren hunter and her stable full of pets so I will always be a petoholic at heart. But a little variety doesn’t hurt, right?

I’d like to thank the people who inspired me to create this blog, most notably Mania, Someone, Hynjoku, and Znodis.


In-game, Faeldray mains a hunter and dabbles in casual raiding, roleplaying, and managing her army of alts. She’s even managed to convince herself that she’s an okay tank and passable healer. Outside of WoW, she works as a Canuck web designer and hides from the Manitoba weather in her apartment “lair”. She enjoys trying out new MMOs, button-mashing her way through single player RPGs, reading fantasy novels, writing short stories, and watching fantasy/sci-fi/action/horror movies. One of her goals in life is to see every single zombie movie out there, regardless of how bad it is.


Kazimierz raids casually, RPs, and levels a multi-server army of alts, but his orc shaman has been his solid main for a long, long time. He is currently Bloodriver’s “token orc” and is fond of the lore (retconned and spliced as it may be), loves questing, and can bang bits of texts together to make a credible story every now and then, WoW-based or not.