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Category Archives: Design/Development

A sign of things to come


Well, maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, inspiration struck me and it looked so pretty when I finished it that I thought I’d share it. Whenever I look at it, I hear the song Echelon in my head. So I’d say it’s rather appropriate to call is “Rare Changes”.

Back in business…almost


So…you as my readers may have noticed that Petoholics Anonymous disappeared for about a week and is now back, albeit with missing posts and other bits. Hopefully I haven’t lost a lot of readers in that time because they thought I had just disappeared off the face of the earth. I won’t give you all […]

Hear ye, hear ye! Looking for bloggers!


There I was, staring at my Google Reader. I was struck with a sudden, blinding flash of inspiration… “You really need to clean this %*@# up.” As I was purging old blogs, some of which had not been updated since last summer, I recalled that my blogroll here also needed a similar culling. I’m a […]