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Your end is nigh


A wet black nose poked among the bones of Sindragosa as the sound of hoofsteps approached the bony corpse. The marrow having long since decayed within the bones, Blacky decided that it was not worth the effort to chew them open, especially considering they reeked of dark magic and disease. Instead she began to help […]

Living in the moment


I’ve seen a lot of bloggers reminiscing these days, about WotLK, about TBC, about Vanilla WoW and all sorts of other things. Others have been looking towards the future that is Cataclysm, with thoughts and opinions that range all over the map. Now don’t get me wrong, I like to look back on my own […]

So here’s the scoop…


I got a email from Tzia the other day, essentially poking me to see if I was still alive. I am very much alive and kickin’, I’ve just been crazy busy with RL. I’ve been writing resumes, filling out job applications, going to interviews, watching TV…okay, I’ll admit that ever since my brother got us […]