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Category Archives: Hunter

Pet Buff Flowchart


It has occurred to me that for a blog called ‘Petoholics Anonymous”, there has been a distinct lack of pet or hunter talk lately. This led to wanting to do a pet-related post, and after deciding that I’m horrible at theory-crafting, the one thing I could do was go through all the pet buffs and […]

Warp Stalker Soloing Talent Build


I’m still downloading patches for WoW (sigh) so I decided to try my hand at some theory-crafting. Keep in mind that I’m not an expert or number cruncher unlike some people. I’m just doing what I think feels right so please give any comments, suggestions, or complaints you may have on this. It’s just a […]

A Newbie’s Life: Levels 6-10


A Newbie’s Life Mini-Menu Levels 1-5 Levels 6-10 This post is a continuation from A Newbie’s Life: Levels 1-5. If you’ve just created a hunter, start there. If you’re a level 5 hunter (or any level for that matter) and you don’t know your Stings from your Aspects, start there. If your idea of attacking […]