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Category Archives: Name Generator

Name generators updated


Just wanted to leave a quick note to let everyone know that I finally got around to updating the PANDA WoW Name Generator (which now includes goblin and worgen names) and the Pet-o-licious Namerator (which now includes beetle, dog, fox, monkey, and shale spider names). My apologies for taking so long. You can imagine how […]

Name generators are getting ready for Cataclysm


Alert the press! With Cataclysm looming in the distance and set to arrive in the next couple months (depending on who you ask), I finally got off my lazy butt and fixed up the name suggestion forms for my name generators. So you can now submit your ideas for worgen and goblin names to the […]

The birth of a name


LarĂ­sa over at the Pink Pigtail Inn wrote about how difficult it can be to come up with a good character name, especially when one has an army of alts. That got me thinking: I have an army of alts that are more or less named differently from one another (as in I don’t have […]