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Stuff that’s not really related to anything

Storylines and Quests


This was inspired by a little conversation Niqora and I had regarding the role of storyline in WoW, especially with regard to questing in the world at large, and the role of the players in those quests. There seems to have been a decided change in design as expansions come out, and both tendencies I […]

Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros


I don’t believe I mentioned this before but 2 years ago, Kazi decided that he wanted to try to get Sulfuras, the legendary mace from Molten Core. He very quickly and dutifully collected all the materials for the Sulfuron Hammer through multiple MC runs and helped his blacksmithing friend to get the recipe for him. […]

Best GM Ever


I just had to share this from WoW Bash before getting back to work. Honestly, I think this is the best GM response I have ever seen. I want to give that man +100 internets.