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There is no character who has gone through more changes than Niqora’s younger sister. Born with the name “Anuniaq”, everyone had thought that her stubborness would lead to her following in her father’s footsteps as a warrior. Not having the capabilities to become a druid as she wished, she instead choose the path of the hunter and befriended a springpaw called Palartok. Eventually she realized that this was not her calling and came back to live in Thuderbluff with her family for the time being. In the wake of the Grimtotem’s attack on Thunderbluff, she discovered she had an aptitude for healing and was interested in following the ways of the Light. She has since become a priestess of An’she and has taken the name of “Anuun” to symbolize this change.

Anuniaq means “to hunt for game animals” in Inuit while Anuun means “free (not caught)”. She was originally created so that I could explore the roleplaying aspects of the game. Anu’s first incarnation (named Anuniaq) was located on Moon Guard, then moved to Wyrmrest Accord, and is now on Earthen Ring after a forgotten decision to make Earthen Ring the second “home” server for Bloodriver. When Cataclysm came out, I decided to roll Anu again on Wyrmrest Accord, this time as a priest under the name Anuun.

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Anuun” region=”US”]