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Acidic and sarcastic to the end, Aroqin is a character unto herself. When she’s not to be found drinking and shamelessly flirting in the bars in Orgrimmar, she is out in the field fighting with an almost savage glee. She prefers her cat form above all others and is most often seen in it, even when she’s hitting on anything of the male persuasion. She does have a softer side which is seen when she is with her orc rogue partner Radoslaw.

Time and time again I had tried to play a druid but had never succeeded, and it wasn’t for lack of wanting. I finally found a character I liked in Aroqin, who was leveled with Kazi’s rogue Radoslaw. Qin had originally been a night elf and Rado a human, when Bloodriver’s sister guild Obsidian Phoenix existed on the Alliance side. She was rolled in the middle of Wrath and got to level 80 closer to the end of it, only to be mostly neglected from the lack of people active in OP. Not long after Cataclysm, it was decided to close OP and I decided to faction-changed Aroqin to a tauren, as I always felt a little guilty not having a tauren druid. Now she has joined the ranks of Bloodriver and is an absolute blast to RP with.

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Aroqin” region=”US”]