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Brindu comes from the humble background of a orc peon who used to chop wood at the lumbermill in Ashenvale. During a night elf raid, she proved to have some innate skills when she used her simple axe to cleave the skulls of a few of their attacker. This earned her the surname “Axerend” and a spot in the Horde’s army. She is very loyal to the Horde and seeks to prove herself as a competent warrior to her superiors.

Brindu was created at the beginning of Cata to play along side Kazi’s orc mage and his friend’s troll priest. The three of them have been leveling mostly in dungeons with Brindu as their tank. This orc has grown on me since I rolled her, as I quite like her fighting animations and her stoic resilience. Whenever I think of her character, the phrase “small but fierce woman” are exactly the ones that come to mind.

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Brindu” region=”US”]