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Fhionn’s name is derived from Fiona, a Celtic name that means “white”, “pale”, or “fair”. Because of night elfs’ racial ability Shadowmeld, it made sense to couple Fhionn with the only beasts that can learn Prowl: cats. So Fhionn will only tame cats.

The first kitty she tamed was  Irusan the Durotar tiger. Durotar tigers are the only orange tigers available below level 30 so his taming involved a very long walk from Darkshore to Ratchet, then a swim out to the Echo Isles. It was well worth it as he has a beautiful firey glow about him in any well-lit area. His name is Irusan is the name of the King of Cats from Celtic mythology.

Her main pet  Neala was orginally Dishu. Her name means “Ruler”, which seems quite appropriate for his leopard matron that roamed the Barrens. Irusan may be the King of Cats but we all know that it’s the queen that’s really in charge.