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Young and in his prime, Kazimierz takes his duties seriously in all aspects of his life. His services as a shaman, to his clan, and to his friends are all undertaken with gravity and efficiency, and he fights with little of his people’s customary bloodlust. Kazimierz has served minor roles in battles and skirmishes from Mount Hyjal to the Scarab Wall and well beyond, and he has served as mentor for several shaman—his now-betrothed among them. Steadfast, loyal, and (according to some) a little uptight, Kazimierz lends totem and axe to any cause he deems worthwhile.

Kazimierz is far from my first character, and indeed began life as an orc warrior in the late days of the Burning Crusade. Finding the playstyle quite unsuited to me, I eventually rerolled him as a shaman and fell in love with the class. 85 levels and two expansions later, he’s still my solid main and I’m enjoying Enhancement more than ever. Until recently dual-specced Restoration, he’s now Enchancement/Elemental for filling ranged DPS slots when we’re short, and I’m loving playing him as much as ever.

Kazimierz lives on Wyrmrest Accord with the rest of his clan, and wears his Loremaster and Seeker titles with pride.

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Kazimierz” region=”US”]