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Patient and quiet friendliness are two traits often used to describe this large female Shu’halo. Her moderately shy nature is the result of being raised in relative isolation in the Barrens and the solitary nature of the hunter. Of her entire stable-full of pets, it is her black wolf Blacky that is her near constant companion and without a doubt, her closest friend. The recent deaths of friends and family, including her husband Mysthowl, have weighed down on her soul as of late but she is slowly coming to terms with them.

Niqora is my main character and my first hunter character. It was through Niqora that I began to love the hunter class and the wonders of hunter pets. Of all my characters, she probably most like me personality-wise.

Niqora was a Guild Officer of the guild Hunter’s Mark. Originally she was on Hydraxis but was then transferred to Moon Guard so I could play with a friend. Due to her original name “Nicora” being taken, she was renamed “Niqora”. She is now an officer (RP title “Elder”) of Bloodriver. When Bloodriver moved from Moon Guard to Wyrmrest Accord, Niqora followed as well and now resides there.

Niqora’s Pets

[armory-character realm=”Wyrmrest Accord” name=”Niqora” region=”US”]